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The Lusitania is torpedoed

38" x 46" x 2" Oil on Canvas, framed.

Early in WW1, The German government placed an add in the New York Times, reminding the US, that a state a war existed between England and Germany and that the Lusitania was a risk of being sunk . Cunard Lines, risked the threat, and set sail for England. As stated, the ship was torpedoed at a loss of all passengers just off the coast of Ireland. One of the greatest sea disasters!  She exploded and sank in just minutes, leading investigators and historians to suspect that she was indeed filled with munitions. I've positioned the viewer on the deck of the submarine, since the torpedo was launched while on the surface, so the wash from the waves may look a bit strange, but that is indeed the way it would look.  



Lusitania medallion