FW 190

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 Focke Wulf Fw.190 A

21" x 23" x 1", Framed, Oil on Canvas:


Considered by many as the best German fighter of World War II, the 190 was created to flank the already excellent Bf.109. The one technical effect of the design, was the overheating of the 4, 20 mm machine guns, which would cause unexpected ignition of the magnesium alloy airframe. I interviewed the pilot who had this experience over the coast of England. Fortunately, he was able to escape injury or death, and spent the balance of the war years in the safety of Canada. - 


History: The Fw 190 is widely regarded as Germany's best fighter aircraft of World War II. Its appearance in the skies over France in early 1941 was a rude shock to the Allies, as it was clearly superior to any other plane. For nearly a year, until the debut of the Spitfire IX, the Fw 190 was the unmatched champion of the air war.

As the war progressed, the Fw 190 was developed into many variants as a pure fighter, a ground-attack fighter/bomber, and as a close-support aircraft. No fewer than 40 different versions were produced, with different combinations of engines, armament, wings, systems, and roles.

First flown on 1 June 1939, the Fw 190 served for the duration of the war, largely replacing several other aircraft types in the process, including the Junker Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber. Allied bombers dreaded the sight of these potent aircraft, as did the fighters who provided cover for them. Arguably, the Fw 190's greatest impact on the Allied war effort was to spur ever-greater advances in technology and aircraft design to counter its threat.  

Nicknames: Butcher Bird; Dora; Kangaroo (Fw 190 V18/U1 variant)

Specifications (Fw 190A-8):
        Engine: One 2,100-hp BMW 801D-2 radial piston engine
        Weight: Empty 6,989 lbs., Max Takeoff 10,802 lbs.
        Wing Span: 34ft. 5.5in.
        Length: 29ft. 1.5in.
        Height: 13ft. 0in.
            Maximum Speed: 408 mph
            Ceiling: 37,400 ft.
            Range: 500 miles
            Two 7.92-mm (0.31-inch) machine guns in nose.
            Up to four 20-mm MG 151 guns in wings.
            Wide range of under wing and under-fuselage bombs, guns and rockets.

Number Built: 20,051 (All variants)